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What to expect from the DOT-SAP Process:

I do not work for the government, DOT, your employer, or any treatment facility.
I am a licensed therapist, drug and alcohol counselor, and DOT-certified SAP.
My role is to evaluate your needs for education or treatment, monitor your progress, and
provide written recommendations to your employer (or designated employee representative

(DER) at the start and end of the SAP process.

The initial DOT-SAP evaluation:

Clinical interview in a face-to-face evaluation session
Recommendations for education or treatment
Referral to an education or treatment provider
Written summary of recommendations to the DER
The follow-up DOT-SAP evaluation: 

Face-to-face follow-up session
Recommendations for any further education or treatment
Recommendations about return to work in a safety-sensitive position
Recommendations for frequency of follow-up drug and/or alcohol testing in any safety-sensitive position
Written summary of recommendations to the DER

​Your responsibilities include:

Participate honestly in the initial DOT-SAP evaluation
Attend a scheduled intake at one of the recommended education or treatment providers

Sign a release of information so the provider can talk with me 
Complete the recommended number of hours of education or treatment
Remain completely clean and sober
Do not work in a safety-sensitive position until you are cleared to return to work

Provide random drug and/or alcohol tests as required by the education or treatment provider
Schedule a follow-up evaluation with me upon completion of the recommended hours of education or treatment
Participate honestly in the follow-up DOT-SAP evaluation
Participate in any  further education or treatment recommended in the follow-up evaluation.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. ​​
I charge $100.00 for missed DOT-SAP initial evaluations or
those cancelled with less than 24-hours' notice.

I charge $50.00 for missed DOT-SAP follow-up evaluations or
those cancelled with less than 24-hours' notice.

If you must cancel a Monday appointment, please do so by 5p the preceding Friday.

Thank you.

Forms for DOT-SAP evaluations

Please click on the links, download, and complete
all 5 forms and bring then to our first meeting.

I cannot provide the initial DOT assessment without this paperwork.

Practice guidelines and consent for treatment


 You can find more information on this site about DOT -SAP assessments here and  here.