​​ If you need a Department of Transportation (DOT)
Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluation
please call me today at:  610.416.0793 
or  email me:  amyebrown.lpc@gmail.com

I return voicemail and email messages 7 days/week - usually within hours of receipt. ​​
​​ I am a DOT- qualified SAP and provide DOT-SAP assessments, DOT-SAP
outpatient treatment and education. 
I can usually schedule a DOT-SAP evaluation within 1 business day of your call.
I provide thorough, clinically sound, and objective assessments as well as timely
reports to your 
EAP or other designated contact.

I charge a flat fee of $400.00 for the entire DOT-SAP process; 
payment in full is required at the first meeting. You can read more about the

process here:  DOT-SAP assessment information

Payment may be made via credit card, check (preferred), or cash. 
Your employer *may* be required to reimburse you
for the SAP assessment fee.  Please check with 
your employer
and/or union representative for more information about this.

The flat fee for the DOT-SAP process includes: an in-person initial evaluation and
recommendations, referral to and contact with service providers, 
an in-person follow-up evaluation
 and written recommendations, as well as 
any necessary contact with your DER regarding return- to- work recommendations.

​​ ​​