Group therapy can be an intensely powerful and healing experience ​​

Group can provide a safe space in which members process difficult
issues, exchange constructive feedback, and work on communication and

relationship skills. Members generally report that the group experience
help them feel less isolated, more supported, and more hopeful.

Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes  in my West Chester office.

Potential group candidates must participate in a (free) screening session.


Young Adult Therapy Group  (ages 19-25) (resumes September, 2017)

This co-ed group is appropriate for young adults struggling with
issues around school/work, relationships, depression, and anxiety. 
We discuss developing symptom management, healthy 
coping skills, as well 
as other  topics relevant to group members.

Now screening candidates for these  upcoming  groups:

Adolescent ADHD Group (ages 14-18) 
This co-ed group is designed for teenagers diagnosed with ADHD.
Group will focus on understanding how ADHD influences behavior,
self-esteem and decision-making. We'll also discuss coping strategies,

time management, resources, and other topics appropriate for

kids living with ADHD.

Adolescent Therapy Group (ages 14-18)
This co-ed group is appropriate for adolescents struggling with
stress, depression, anxiety, and coping skills.
Group will focus on coping with these issues as well as
issues around school, family, relationships, self-image,
and other topics salient to group members. 

Relapse Prevention Groups
Adolescent Group (ages 14-18) and Young Adult Group (ages 19-25)
These co-ed groups are appropriate for motivated
clients who successfully completed inpatient and/or outpatient substance abuse
treatment. Group will focus on relapse prevention, sober coping skills,
sober fun, dealing with peers/family/work/school, and
other issues frequently encountered in early recovery.