Thanks for stopping by.
I put this site together to give folks some information

about me, my approach to therapy, the services
I provide, and how to access resources on mental health
and substance use issues.

Feel free to contact me with feedback about the site or
​questions about my practice.​


​​Why go to therapy?

 Everyone goes through stressful transitions, complicated relationships,
 and difficult periods at some point in his or her life. 
 Sometimes, talking with friends and family just isn't enough. 
 Therapists can offer objective feedback, guidance, and support to
 help make life challenges easier to manage.
 Therapy can provide a safe, private space in which to vent, problem-solve,
 and process difficult relationships or events.  
 Therapy often helps people better understand themselves, 
 manage uncomfortable feelings, and make positive changes. 
 Therapy may help you feel better, cope more effectively with stress, 
and develop a more fulfilling life.

The best therapy occurs within a context of non-judgmental concern, genuine warmth, and committed listening.
It's critical to have a therapeutic relationship
in which you feel safe, respected, and heard. 
​Please don't settle for anything less.

What's my approach to therapy?​​

  Like many therapists, my style is eclectic.  
  I use a mix of well-honed techniques from several 
  established psychotherapy models.  

  Much of my work is grounded in person-centered therapy,
  family systems therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, 
  cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse-prevention and relational therapy.
 Goodtherapy.org has very good information about these and dozens of other therapy models.

   I strongly believe that my clients and I are equal partners in the therapeutic relationship.  I am fully  committed to helping each client navigate his or her unique journey.  

While I tailor my approach to each client's needs and issues, my general approach is active and relationship-oriented. I've been described as easy to talk to, "down-to-earth",  affable, caring, friendly, and professional 
with a good sense of humor.  
Clients report that they feel comfortable, understood, and safe
in my office. 


​I am deeply honored that the overwhelming majority 
of my clients were referred by other clients. 
My areas of expertise include:

  • adolescents and young adults
  • anxiety disorders
  • co-occurring disorders
  • family therapy
  • mood disorders
  • professionals in recovery
  • relapse prevention
  • self-injury
  • ​stress management
  • substance abuse or dependency

Now what?

 You'll probably gain some sense of my personality and style
 as you read through these pages.  
 Do I come across as someone with whom you might feel comfortable?  
 Think about that as you look around this website. 

  I encourage clients to "shop around" when looking for a therapist. 
  In some ways, looking for a therapist can be like looking for

  the right pair of shoes. 
  You may need to try several styles before you find the one that

  seems just right to you.

  If you sense we might be a "good fit",  please call or email me to 
​  arrange a free, confidential, no-obligation telephone consultation. 

  You'll find my contact information at the bottom of each page. 
  Thanks for taking the time to read this!